Welcome to Eleven Steps Ahead

“Eleven Steps Ahead”? Well, I’ll get to that in a sec, but first let me begin this foray into the world of blogging with a few introductions. Pictured above is the one and only Jack (my husband and I both agree we’re “one and done”). In about two months he will be turning FIVE???!!! And he’s amazing. He’s funny. He’s crazy smart. He’s the best kid ever. He’s also been dealt quite a few challenges, and here’s where this blog comes in. One of Jack’s therapists told me that in these last (almost) five years I’ve earned a degree in all things Jack. True ‘dat, it’s been an education raising this boy and for sure, miles to go before I sleep (literally). Jack teaches me everyday to be more patient and understanding. I’m willing to learn, most days. I’d like to pass on a bit of that experience, for whatever it’s worth.

So…those eleven steps…

During one particularly challenging feeding session, Jack’s therapist asked him, “just how many steps ahead of you do I need to be?” Without skipping a beat, he said “eleven.”

Eleven. Yep, that’s about right.